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United Experts

At Capston Proyectos de Inversión

We have combined everyone’s expertise into one entity. Ranging
from specific search assignments to extended feasibility studies,
to taxation, legal and administrative advice.

For every part of your real estate transactions, we have in-house
an available expert. We make absolutely sure that your real estate
or investment project receives the professional guidance it needs.

Again and again, tailor-made work with only one goal…
to completely relieve you both as owner and as an investor.

A family

Logo Capston Group

A family – more than a company

A strong alliance offering complementary specialty services
in real estate, property development, and investment projects;
Built on people with a shared vision and unseen expertise.

You will experience the strength of an international group,
with the agility of a local Belgian and Spanish SME.
Our added value equals passion times dynamism.

And that is why Capston is the missing “capstone” or keystone
in your real estate challenge.

Welcome home. To the family. To Capston

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