When good is not good enough

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Not all projects are the same!

Every time again, we built or rebuilt every single project from scratch.
As a first step, we thoroughly filter through our offerings and examine
with a critical view which projects are realistic and worthwhile to be
elaborated on. If there is no existing permit, we maximize the volume
to be built in consultation with all administrative departments. If  a
permit does exist, we examine its validity and communicate in full
transparency where the possible problems could be and if there are
any, how they can be solved. For any type of real estate or investment
project, we conduct extensive in-house due diligence before bringing
our projects to market. Our united expertise and clear approach,
make us unique.

Capston Proyectos, the missing piece.

Why choose Capston Proyectos de Inversión?

     Bridge between landowners and promoters/developers

     Project optimizations with a neutral view

     Intensive consultation with urban planning departments

     Thorough in-house due diligence

     Transparent and clear communication

     Years of expertise and extensive investors portfolio

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