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We don’t take things for granted

We are your trusted partner for all your
Real Estate and Investment Projects in Spain

What do we do?

For owners

Selling project land? But no idea of value?
At Capston Proyectos de Inversión, we go to the extreme!
With all our in-house expertise, we conduct intensive, neutral
research on a wide spectrum of development opportunities.

Do you already have an existing and developed project?
With potential issues? Let us work together and
discover the power of our expertise.

For investors

At Capston Proyectos de Inversión, we only care for quality.
In direct contact with owners we offer you carfully selected
and professionally elaborated Real Estate and Investment
projects that you can only expect from an expert.

Looking for something specific? We do not shy away
from any challenge, even difficult and targeted
search assignments we take on with pleasure.

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About us

Capston Proyectos de Inversión

is part of Capston Group, where our specialized
services are enhanced with expertise in both
real estate and property development.

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Our preferred partners

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Preferred Partner Baker Tilly

You are not alone … because of all your administrative support
you can be assisted by our Preferred Partner, the international
accounting and accountancy group Baker Tilly.

For all tax and administrative support, they know through their
years of experience and their specialists in the field, both in
Belgium and in Spain, every aspect of a property purchase in Spain.

Depending on your personal needs, you can opt for integral guidance
or tailored advice on one or more aspects of the purchase process.

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Preferred Partner TLA

For all legal & technical guidance on a purchase in Spain,
Capston works closely with Spanish lawyers and architects
office TLA, specialized in real estate and construction law,
immigration, international inheritance law, and building licenses.

Depending on your personal situation, either an unburdening
guidance can be offered or legal advice/guidance in one or
more parts of the purchase process, as you prefer.

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